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Yes! There Will Be Another Bash Book! Plus Duck Mallard!

The answer is YES! There WILL be a fourth installment in the Bash and Beamer series! Not only that, but Bash and Beamer's cousin Michael Muscovy "Duck" Mallard will debut in a brand new series with the case files of The Duck Detective Agency.

Little Lamb Publishing, a Texas-based traditional publishing company specializing in faith-based fiction for children and young adults, picked up the rights to continue the Bash series, plus will be producing my new series.

Now comes the hard part—it takes about a year for a book to go through the editing, illustrating, and publishing process. We're looking at early 2022 for release. For me, that's worse than waiting for Christmas. But FINALLY, for those of you have continued to ask, new adventures ARE COMING!

We'll be unveiling details on both books in the coming weeks, including what the new detective series is all about. (It’s about comedy, of course, and an overconfident 10-year-old detective who solves the cases despite flubbing all the clues. And building traps that only catch him and his friends. But shhh! That’s a secret. We’ll talk about Duck and his four detective friends soon.) We’ll also drop hints on what kind of trouble Bash and his riding pig Gulliver J. McFrederick the Third are galloping toward now.

Keep checking in here at for updates and news.

Today, click this link for word from Rachel Pellegrino, publisher of Little Lamb books, as she reveals her thoughts and plans for Bash, Beamer—and now Duck, Josh, Vicky, Billy, and Sarah, the kids of the Duck Detective Agency.

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